About company

We are a loyal and respected partner, both in international land transport and in the area of logistics.

For over 20 years now, we have been maintaining high standards of service, optimal transportation schemes and flexibility of the services offered.

The distance of over 500 million kilometers done makes us confident that our hard work and continuous effort to provide quality service give excellent result and motivate us to continue our development and maintain the level that is befitting of one of the largest transportation companies in the Bulgarian market.

24 YEARS of high standards of service.

We started in 1995 by setting up ЕТ AIT Angel Trakov Company.


Driven by the continuous strive for development, in 2007 we transformed the company into AIT International Transport ЕООD. By 2007, the company had at its disposal 15 own rigs.


We love fast speed and believe that sport is in the foundation of excellent discipline, both in life and at work. To support Bulgarian motorcycling, in 2013 we established the AIT Racing Team.


To improve the quality of the services offered and to ensure the basic element of the driving force of the company, in 2014 we set up the AIT Training Centre. Through it we prepare quality staff to serve the needs of the company.


AIT Rent was established, which is engaged with the renting of space, office and warehouse, as well as pallet space for storage of goods.


With the growth of the fleet of vehicles, the need for a fast and quality technical support is growing too. This is the task of AIT Technical Service – to provide excellent technical roadworthiness for our transportation vehicles so that you could feel safe for your cargo.


We are flexible, we can sense market development and find solutions which satisfy your needs. Driven by that ides, we created in 2018 AIT Logistic ЕООD – a specialist in warehousing logistics, groupage and contract lines, and transport.


Terminal AIT World Group Espana. At the moment, we are building our own transportation centre for provision of rig maintenance and cross docking warehouse.


Our Team

The team is the most valuable resource which we have – it is the heart of our company.

We constantly invest in the training of our employees in order to develop their full potential.

We follow several important principles in our work:

  • Trust – we are open in our intentions and actions. Trust builds up slowly and spreads both in the team and in our relations with our partners.
  • Curiosity – we share our knowledge, we have a permanent desire to learn and develop.
  • Outcomes – we are focused on accomplishing our goals. The results can be seen in the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Flexibility – we are always striving to be of service to our customers, therefore we are flexible and offer innovative solutions for your business.
  • Speed – we value your time and we know how important it is to you. When it comes to transport and logistics, speed is our second self.
  • Responsibility – We treat responsibly our employees, customers and partners.

In the effort to provide the best working conditions, AIT even has a child-minding room for kid amusement.


We are responsible for nature. To protect nature, we invest in new ecological solutions. We have replaced our entire tow truck fleet with tow trucks meeting the requirements of the EURO 6 standard. Our offices and warehousing facilities are energy-efficient, and the rest of the equipment uses ecological energy.

Our objectives for the future are related to developing transport into combined modal and intermodal transport.