AIT Service

The high quality of the services we offer is also transposed in AIT Technical Service. You can rest assured when your vehicle is serviced in our service facility.


Contact our consultants and you will receive a quote.

0879 999 674

гр. Пловдив, ул. Нестор Абаджиев 59

You can rely on us for the following services.

  • Undercarriage

    We offer all types of repair works of the undercarriage – pivot joints, bushes, sleeves, hub bearings, shock absorbers, arms, steering rod adapter, and CV joints.
  • Clutch

    We offer clutch repair and replacement.
  • Tyre replacement

    We perform tyre disassembly, assembly, repair and balance services, new and used tyre sale, sale of steel and alloy wheel rims, tyres and wheel rims for cars and vans.
  • Oil change

    We perform free oil change if you buy the oil from us.
    Do not forget to change the oil filter when you change the oil.

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