AIT International transport is shaping its modern European outlook with a new Logistic base in Spain

A distinctive feature of successful businesses is their aspiration to become even better. Whether their business is aimed at offering services or producing goods, this is one of the distinctive features of the leaders. Better service, better quality goods, and services, development of new ideas – it’s all about customers and partners. All of this is an integral part of the contemporary outlook of modern business around the world.

As one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market in the field of transport and logistics, AIT International Transport has set serious goals for its development. One of the next strategic steps of the transport company is the opening of the new Large-scale transport and logistics base in Villafranca, Spain. With this initiative, AIT International Transport positions and transforms the company into a leader in the European transport and Logistic Services Market. Along with the supply of complex solutions in the field of transport and logistics and the perfect end-to-end service, the investment in the base in Spain will give a new strong impetus for a stable and long-term presence of AIT International Transport in the European Transport Services Market.


The New Base in Villafranca, Spain

In order to achieve a full transport and logistic service, in 2019 AIT International Transport opened the AIT World Group in Villafranca, Spain, and proceeded to build its own Transport Center for fleet maintenance and cross-docking.

The new base in Villafranca will offer a warehouse, truck service and parking, as well as offices and living areas for employees. The warehouse is equipped with racks and loading and unloading equipment, through which can be carried out warehouse operations and cross-docking. A special room, designed for maintenance of transport compositions, is equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities for inspection and servicing of AIT International Transport’s trucks. This ensures the security of the shipments and their express delivery to the customer.

The first, the second and the third floors of the building are equipped office areas, providing modern conditions for the employees in a contemporary environment, consistent with the latest rules of ergonomics. The living areas located on the third floor of the building are individually detached, bright and tailored to the requirement to provide the best conditions for recreation and rest of the drivers, performing courses to Spain and vice versa, as well as for the employees from the Bulgarian offices of the company.


Expansion and upgrading Services

"One of the goals of our expansion in the Spanish market is the opportunity to develop groupage lines as well as the delivery of small consignments", AIT International Transport said. On the other hand, the construction and operation of the base in Villafranca will enable the company to provide even more quality and comprehensive services within the continent and positioning AIT as a serious player in the European Market. The presence of modern bases at the Western and Eastern Edge of the continent will allow AIT International Transport to offer an even wider range of transport Services in Europe combined with high quality and easy access to every point of Europe.

Over 85% of the company's fleet operates on the Internal European Market with basic relations Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, as well as Turkey - Western Europe. It also manages regular groupage lines in order to optimize the cost of the directions Bulgaria - Spain, Portugal, France - Bulgaria. The company is planning to operate groupage services throughout whole Europe.

"Our strive to be as convenient as possible to our partners and clients gives us a reason to invest heavily in the expansion and development of AIT International Transport outside the Bulgarian borders. This expansion is a step forward towards realizing our goal of being a trusted partner of the business, providing transportation and logistics services with determining the quality and high level of security", Angel Trakov said, owner of AIT International Transport.


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