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AIT International Transport is a leading company in the field of international transport and logistics, offering a full range of perfectly coordinated services, united in an efficient comprehensive solution. The company provides quality servicing at each stage – from order receipt to distribution to the relevant destination. With more than 20 years of presence on the market of transportation services, its highly professional work and a great number of satisfied customers, AIT is today a well recognisable, loyal and respectable partner, both for the entire logistic care, and for the individual services, which the company constantly improves and supplements. Providing reliability and efficiency of all processes, the comprehensive servicing offered by AIT International Transport saves the end customer time and resources.


Care for the entrusted goods upon their arrival and acceptance of the order

The process starts with the organisation of the transport for collecting the goods and their delivery to the AIT facility. For maximum ease and convenience, the customer may choose whether to organise the process personally or entrust the company with it.

“It is enough for the customer to leave the goods at the facility and the responsibility for the goods is assumed by us therefrom”, is the assurance from AIT Logistic – the logistic unit of the company.

Upon acceptance of the materials or finished products, they undergo a mandatory inspection regarding their compliance with the requested and delivered quantities by items, numbers and pallets. A fundamental rule in the work of the team is the care for the entrusted goods, so when any non-conformity is discovered or when damages are found, the customer is promptly notified with a detailed description and photos.


Storage in a modern warehouse facility

Set up on an area of 3 000 square metres in Trakia Industrial Zone, the warehouse facility of AIT Logistic is equipped with modern racking and loading and unloading equipment. According to the requirements and the demands of the individual order, prior to or after acceptance for storage, AIT offers the provision of supplementary warehousing operations, like pre-palletising, separation of goods by pallets, foiling, strapping and labelling.

Keeping track of stock is done by using state-of-the-art warehouse management software, created especially for the needs of the company in conformity with best global practices. Due to its integration in warehousing operations, customers receive daily information about available stock and the movement of their goods, and the tracking of the goods is possible at any time and ensures maximum quality of service.


Efficient grouping according to customer needs

Grouping includes activities which require precision and attention to each detail in order to ensure absolutely accurate completing of goods by various criteria set by the customer. The transportation of batches from one dispatcher to various destinations is accomplished through this process, observing the exact requirements for individual separation of batches. The service includes operations, like sorting, weighing, making up cargoes for delivery, packing and labelling, which are applied as needed for the various batches. One of the major concomitant functions at that stage is the performance of goods control.

The spectre of services provided by AIT also includes groupage carriage of parcels which are commissioned on the same vehicle. The serious advantage in this case is the reduction of costs for the customer, and the frequent shipping of parcels and the wide selection of destinations in turn ensures flexibility and provides maximum satisfaction of customer needs. 


Successful shipment for excellent results

Upon request on the part of the customer for taking production out of the logistic centre, AIT Logistic undertakes the performance of organising the dispatch activities. This includes preparation and handover of the goods for carriage to their destination. The services which the logistic company offers within the shipment are carried out reliably and promptly. They include parcel marking, storage before their loading, transportation from the warehouse to the point of departure and execution of the transportation documentation.

“We focus markedly on cross docking services. These are services which offer the businesses we serve high added value. They ensure additional convenience for customers and save costs, so their popularity and demand are continuously on the increase“, says Luka Benev, Logistics Manager.


Reliable distribution

For over 20 years, AIT International Transport has offered optimal transportation plans, maintaining high standards of service and flexibility of the proposed solutions. The company is among the leading companies offering carriage by road in the country and abroad, with leading position in the provision of express delivery of complete goods. The company offers transport in Bulgaria, all of the European Union countries and Turkey. Expertise and responsibility for each process have established the trademark as a reliable partner in the long run.

All daily requests for distribution are processed with attention and in strict management of daily plan coordination. Particular attention is paid to the need for some materials to be delivered at the exact time. This is of exceptional importance for customers in the area of industrial manufacture, where any delay may cause disorder in the normal production process.

“We are making efforts to attract more customers who will entrust us with the entire organisation of the deliveries to each of their contractors in the country or abroad, complying totally with their instructions or requirements. In order to provide maximum satisfaction of their needs, we offer transport of cargos by road and by air, in this manner offering a complete logistic solution for companies which select AIT as their trusted logistic partner“, says Luka Benev, Logistics Manager, regarding the direction of future development of comprehensive servicing.


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