The art of transporting small loads efficiently and in time

For successful deliveries, you should trust a reliable and proven partner in Groupage Transport

Groupage shipments are increasingly being taken as a modern trend in the transport business. And that is no coincidence at all. In the presence of free movement of goods in the European Union, more and more customers rely on small consignments within the old continent, but not only. In order to realize their activities, a large number of these companies target services of transport companies with a proven groupage line.


What are the advantages of groupage lines?

Groupage lines are a transport unit designed to reduce costs and to satisfy the most specific clients’ needs. The service makes it possible to transport various cargoes, combined into different types of groupage shipments, which are being commuted in one vehicle. So, in practice, the customer pays only for the used place, not for a whole truck, which achieves cost optimization. In addition, the client receives the correct business attitude, professional service, and perfect cost balance.


Groupage lines – when and where?

Groupage lines are one of the areas in which AIT Logistics has been operating for years. The company offers transport of groupage shipments, providing a high quality of service in accordance with its high corporate standards. AIT Logistics manages regular groupage lines in the directions of Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, and back to Bulgaria. In the near future, the company plans to develop services on similar lines throughout the whole of Europe.

Through the service offered by AIT Logistics, customers can take the opportunity to send loads of different sizes and weights to the specified destinations. 

"We strive to be punctual in our relations with our customers and to be perfect even in the execution of every little detail. For us, customer care and personal attitude are leading factors in achieving high business results. Within the years we have built many successful partnerships and we enjoy correct relationships with a number of satisfied customers", Angel Trakov said, owner of AIT International Transport.


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