The high quality transportation services provided by AIT International Transport make the company a desired and reliable busines

Accuracy, consistency, loyalty and abiding by the rules is the key formula for success of the company


AIT International Transport is among the leading companies offering carriage of goods by road in the country and a leader in the area of express delivery of complete goods. The transport company is well recognisable as a loyal and respectable partner on international markets as well, and this fact is not accidental at all. For over 20 years, AIT International Transport has maintained high standards of service, optimal transportation plans and flexibility in the provision of the services, which means a great number of satisfied customers and concluded long-term partnerships.

“The distance of over 500 million kilometres covered gives us certainty that our hard work and continuous pursuit of providing quality services are highly appreciated by our customers. We are motivated to continue our development and maintain the level which befits one of the largest transport companies on the Bulgarian market“, comments Angel Trakov, owner of AIT International Transport.


An extensive portfolio of services

AIT International Transport offers its priority-oriented services on the internal European market, and more than 85% of the vehicles of the company operate there. The company is fully specialised in offering road transportation services, and its long-term partners are major companies from the automotive and textile industry. The objectives for the future include development in combined modal and intermodal transport.

The company offers transportation of whole cargos, servicing all of the European Union countries. The main destinations are Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, as well as Turkey – Western Europe.

Customers are also interested in the ultra-express delivery of goods, offered by the shipping company. This is a special service in which the cargo travels without any stops, regardless of distance and destination. The service is characterised by exceptional complexity and specific nature, and AIT International Transport is one of the few companies in the transportation sector specialising in this type of delivery.

Groupage lines are another area in which the company develops its activity, expanding the range of the offered services. AIT Logistic runs regular groupage lines for the purpose of optimisation of costs to the destinations Spain, Portugal and France, and back to Bulgaria. The plans of the company for the near future include servicing of groupage lines all over Europe.

A particularly important aspect of the portfolio of services is the transportation of ADR goods. The carriage of dangerous goods requires vehicles with special equipment to that effect and qualified drivers to cover the routes. To this end, AIT International Transport maintains constant compliance with regulatory requirements and provisions, providing customers with high quality transportation service in the area of ADR transport.

In addition, the company has at its disposal terminals in Bulgaria and Spain, which assist the transportation of goods on the continent. In order to offer services which are more wide-ranging and with better quality, AIT International Transport opened in 2019 AIT World Group Espana Villafranca and set about constructing its own transport centre for articulated vehicle maintenance and cross-docking warehouse.


Modern and ecological fleet

The modern fleet, perfect organisation and professional team are the three pillars on which AIT International Transport develops its business activity. The vehicle fleet is one of the factors that make the company competitive, enabling it to provide quality transportation services. In order to ensure maximum satisfaction of customer need and demands, the company has more than 300 tractor units, all of them meeting the requirements of EURO 6 standard, and over 400 trailers, which include standard, intermodal and box trailers. “We have our responsibility to nature and to ensure its protection we invest continuously in new ecological solutions“, said from the transport company.

To ensure the high quality maintenance of its vehicle fleet, AIT International Transport has its own service with a mobile team which is capable of reacting 24 hours a day.


Advantages and benefits of the transportation service

The leading position of AIT International Transport in the transportation of goods is the result of the high quality of the offered services, personal servicing and excellent organisation. The company provides optimal transportation schemes, coordinated with the specific requirements of the customers.

An important advantage of the transportation services provided is the opportunity to track the cargo by means of GPS devices. This allows customers to keep track of their shipments, remaining informed at any time of the whereabouts of their cargo. 

“We perform each transportation operation with attention to detail and care for the customer. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner and excellent carrier. The specific features of the transportation of goods are the same as in any other business – you need to be accurate, consistent, abiding by the rules, loyal. That is the reason for the large number of companies seeking our partnership, and our satisfaction results from the happy customers”, says Angel Trakov.


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